IMU Health & Wellness

Project Title: IMU Health & Wellness Center Collaboration Needs Assessment
Team Members: Fatih Gok, Meize Guo, Peter Hogaboam, Vladan Jacimovic, Yanling Duan
Project Duration: 2 months

IMU Health & Wellness Center is designed to emphasize a ‘wellness’ approach to health, and offers services related to stress management, healthy & sustainable weight loss, and tobacco cessation. This needs assessment was conducted to determine what IMU Health & Wellness Center employees need to develop collaborations with other campus entities to enhance student wellness.

The following three-step approach applied qualitative research methods and needs analysis tools. The steps consisted of initiation, data collection and analysis, and findings. Through these steps, our team explored what clients need in order to build more productive collaborations.


PEST is an analysis framework of macro-environmental factors surrounding an organization. This PEST analysis examines several external political, economic, social, and technological factors affecting the success of collaborations between IMU Health and Wellness Center and other campus health-oriented services. The analysis is constructed by relying on the data collected on the field, as well as on the extant data provided by the organization.


A SWOT analysis was conducted in order to analytically inspect the nature of the IMU Health and Wellness Center in regards to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats surrounding the collaborative processes in place in this organization. SWOT is a simple framework that points to the importance of external and internal forces for the purpose of understanding the sources of competitive advantage.


Roles: This needs assessment was done in a team of five. My role was mainly centered on data collection (conducting interviews) and jointly interpreting them with the team. I also designed the layout for our final project report.

A full needs assessment report with recommendations is available here.