Habitat for Humanity

Project Title: Habitat for Humanity Indoor Maintenance Workshop
Team Members: Gina Howard, Michael Karlin, Su Jin Park, Vladan Jacimovic
Project Duration: 2 months

To ensure that new Habitat for Humanity homeowners are well informed about maintaining their homes, a workshop has been offered, providing useful information on indoor maintenance. A team of instructional designers created two manuals: one for workshop facilitators to guide them during the workshop, and one for participants to follow along and keep it for future reference.

Goal: By the end of the Habitat for Humanity Indoor Maintenance Workshop, participants should be able to choose, create, and use appropriate cleaning supplies for various surfaces, identify and choose appropriate materials for repainting, demonstrate and describe proper care and maintenance of appliances and mechanical systems, explain how to maintain energy efficiency throughout the home, and describe how to use your 1-year home warranty.

Roles: The project was conducted by a team of four, dividing the material equally and working on it independently, with regular meetings to ensure the coherence. All macro decisions, such as defining goals and objectives, creating assessment, and similar – were conducted in a team with equal participation of all members. I have independently worked on the part dealing with Maintaining Appliances and Mechanical Systems. Similarly, I was in charge of the layout design of our printed manuals, with the constructive feedback and assistance of Gina Howard.

Full manuals can be viewed here: Facilitators Manual and Participant’s Manual.